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About GreenTowns

Welcome to GreenTowns
A Growing National Network of 15,000 Sustainable Communities

GreenTowns is a new network that connects and celebrates local green initiatives, their leaders and the sustainable communities we are all striving to create. It brings together successful sustainability efforts at the local level, presents these initiatives by town and by category, and invites people to share their expertise and experiences.

In this way, GreenTowns makes it easy to:

  • Discover inspiring green initiatives – Find (and share) successful approaches to sustainability in your backyard, or 2000 miles away, and connect with the people behind them.
  • Share your questions, expertise & support – Use GreenTowns to share your knowledge on a green topic, help others replicate a successful initiative or learn from each other. Be a voice for sustainability in your community or simply offer an encouraging word to others.
  • Help grow sustainable communities – Get more impact from all our green efforts by connecting with each other. We each have a role to play as part of the "local infrastructure" of initiatives, expertise and human connections needed to make each town greener.

Communities are now sharing local sustainability efforts on GreenTowns so they can more easily be found locally and across the country. GreenTowns also features "How Green is Your Town?", an invitation to identify and celebrate green efforts in your town and to encourage adoption of other worthwhile initiatives.

Green organizations and initiatives are sprouting up in communities large and small. By connecting these efforts locally and across the country, we can help build vibrant sustainable communities, and a green America.

(For a more detailed description of GreenTowns' "Foundation and Philosophy", click here)

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