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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is GreenTowns?

A. GreenTowns is a network of 15,000 communities that celebrates and encourages local green initiatives, and the efforts of community members, non-profit and grassroots organizations, and businesses and local leaders to make their communities more sustainable.

Q. Does each community have a web page on GreenTowns?

A. Most communities do, and each community’s web page showcases successful sustainability efforts and local resources, and helps answer the question “How Green is Your Town?” GreenTowns invites community members and leaders, non-profit organizations and businesses to be a part of your community’s network by signing up for the monthly update about your community, including your profile on your web page, or connecting to GreenTowns on your preferred social media platforms.

Q. Can my company advertise on GreenTowns?

A. Yes, but today as a special charter offer GreenTowns will list your business profile with your company’s logo and website link at no cost for 90 days. We welcome green businesses (or businesses that care about local sustainability) to take us up on our 90 day free offer and support sustainability in their local community.

Q. Does GreenTowns answer questions from visitors?

A. GreenTowns has a team of advisors available to answer your questions regarding: Building, Energy, Lifestyle, Connections, Water, Land & Conversation, Food, Transportation, and Recycling. Our GreenTowns’ advisors welcome all questions and if they don’t know the answer they will put you in touch with someone who does.

Q. Can individuals or local green organizations add their green initiatives to the local town web page?

A. Yes, GreenTowns encourages all community members, organizations, and businesses involved in green projects to share non-profit initiatives with their community; GreenTowns will share local initiatives with other communities to magnify the impact of local green efforts.

Q. Do government leaders communicate their support of sustainability on GreenTowns? Are their community sustainability plans available to review?

A. Yes, we have many mayors or other leaders communicating their sustainability initiatives on their community web pages and welcome all mayors to do so. By sharing their plans on GreenTowns they are helping others make their communities more sustainable. If your town has a sustainability plan you want to share, or you are interested in getting more information on sustainability planning for your town, contact us.

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